Beginner - I have problem with IF statement

Good afternoon,

I'm making your skins a practice with an Arduino UNO. A flashing LED varies its value relative to a poteciometro. What happens when you want the potentiometer reaches a value close to 500 (near the middle of its travel) that turns off. I try and I try but it does not work and continuous flashing. The flashing if that varies recorido potentiometer.

The code is;

int potPin = 0; // pin entrada para potenciómetro int ledPin = 13; // pin de salida para el LED void setup() { pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // declara ledPin como SALIDA }

void loop() { int potenciometro = analogRead(potPin); if(potenciometro > 500); // para apagar el led { digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // pone ledPin en on delay(analogRead(potPin)); // detiene la ejecución un tiempo “potPin” }

digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // pone ledPin en off delay(analogRead(potPin)); // detiene la ejecución // un tiempo “potPin” }

Thank you Miquel

Remove the semicolon at the end if the "if" statement

This is wrong: if(potenciometro > 500);

This is right: if(potenciometro > 500)


Many, Many thanks Pete