Beginner LCD Shield not showing any backlight or characters - SOLVED

I’m using the 16x2 LCD Shield Kit (This kit is part of products 716/714/772 and and the 16x2 Blue LCD #181.

I followed the directions and everything seems to fit together just fine.

I uploaded the “Hello World” sketch from File/Examples/LiquidCrystal/HelloWorld

The Uno R3 has power and when I push the reset button on the LCD shield the built-in yellow LED on the Uno flashes so it appears that the rest button on the LCD shield is working at least.
But there is no backlight or grey/black rectangles/text boxes showing up. I have adjusted the contrast from one extreme to the other, nothing.

This is the other picture, couldn’t seem to attach it to the original msg.

On the page you cited, it explains that this shield is not a standard part of the Arduino system, so the IDE example file will not work. You need to use the library and code from the “Using the RGB LCD Shield” page. :smiley:

I uploaded the "Hello World" sketch from File/Examples/LiquidCrystal/HelloWorld

That sketch is designed for displays that use the native parallel interface to interact with the HD44780U (or equivalent) LCD controller.

Yours display uses one of the many types of serial interfaces that are available and the 'LiquidCrystal' library provided with the IDE is not suitable for any of them. In each case you have to use the sketch and/or library that is designed for that particular interface.


Ah... but it didn't fix it. :~

I installed the correct library (correctly) and compiled the HelloWorld program from the RGB_LCD_Shield library....
I compiled it, as per the directions, to make sure everything was set up correctly. I downloaded it to my Uno R3.

I still get the same behaviour as before. No backlight, no square boxes or characters.

The reset button on the shield still works, as I can see the yellow built-in LED on the Uno blinking when I press the reset on the shield.

Is my soldering off somewhere? would that do it? It all looks good to me but I'm a beginner solderer too.

I had someone else look at it and they recommended resoldering several points.

It works now!!

But, if someone hadn’t pointed out to me that I was using the wrong library I would have still been stuck so thank you!

yay!!! <—beginner doing the snoopy dance

Re: Beginner LCD Shield not showing any backlight or characters - SOLVED

It looks like you may have to change the title of your original post for the 'SOLVED' to show up.