Beginner looking for advice for whole house fan

Hello all,
I am new to arduino, and I have an idea for a project but do not know where to turn.

I want to get a whole house fan (for summers) and I want to automate it.

I was thinking arduino is the way.

Here is what I was thinking.

I want to measure the temperature and humidity in my house and outside,
If the temperature outside and humidity is below a set number that the whole house fan can then turn on for a few hours to cool my house.

I want to be able to see and control the arduino from input button and possibly internet, I would also like to work with Alexa or my ecobee thermostat.

I have other ideas about time and on off just like a automatic clock.

Not sure if I am biting off to much to chew for my first project.

Yes it does sound like a smart thermostat but I think it would be even smarter then what smart thermostat do.

Any advice on where to start would be helpful.

All the basic arduino tutorials seems a good place to start.
There is nothing complicated there unless you want to be super smart and use machine learning and all cool buzzwords of the day

I have made similar project a year ago for horticulture. System controlled via the Internet from anywhere in the world. It included control of heating and cooling for the greenhouse. This greenhouse was heated in winter and cooled by a fan in summer. Both modes were using hysteresis. The fan could be controlled via PWM. In addition, the system included other functionalities for controlling water solenoids for irrigation.
System were using voice-control via Amazon Alexa Dot too (from LAN network only).