Beginner Peltier Code Help


I'm very new to using Arduino and I am trying to build a peltier for simply cooling a small 23 gauge needle (which will have water flowing through it) to 14 degrees celcius.

Basically, I have everything set up like this image here. However, the code used was from this garagelab tutorial how-to-use-a-peltier-with-arduino which is no longer available. I've seen this tutorial referenced many times on this forum and was wondering if anyone still had the code and could share it with me.

Youtube tutorials for this topic have not been very helpful in terms of coding so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Edit: This is the Peltier unit I am using: TEC1-12706 and planning to use an external power supply

A circuit diagram rather than a picture would be more helpful, hand drawn and photographed is OK

Please post a link to the Peltier device being used

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What peltier device do you have and what are its specs. You will need a separate power supply for it to work, the UNO cannot supply that much current. That is why the MOSFET isin the ciruit to control the current.

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Breadboards cannot handle the large amount of current (several Amperes) required by a Peltier module, and the tracks will burn. You will have to solder all the high current connections.

There are much better tutorials on cooling with Peltier modules, so consult those before building anything. Avoid Instructables as most of them are crap.