beginner question: i2c and UART?

Does the adafruit Metro have sufficient analog pinouts to run both an i2c AND a UART line on it?
I have 2 us-100 sensors which I want to run UART, and I have an MMA8451 which I want to run on an i2c line alongside an 8x8 bicolor LED backpack - is this feasible?

The I2C bus is on pins A4 and A5. This just happens to be how the microcontroller was designed. There is no requirement that I2C pins have analog functionality, that's just how the ATmega328P microcontroller of the Metro is designed.

The same goes for UART. The hardware serial port of the Metro is on pins 0 and 1. However, you should be aware that those pins are used for the communication with your computer. If you try to use pins 0 and 1 with your sensors then it can interfere with the communication with the computer, including causing uploads to fail. You can use the SoftwareSerial library to create a single serial port on any of two of the pins of the Metro, whether those are analog pins or not.

@hexagonaldingus's parallel thread that's perhaps hot quite a cross-post, but likely to result in duplicate efforts:

This is a pictorial translation of Post#1.
1. Connection diagram

2. Sketch (Outline)

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial SUART (3, 4);    //SRX = DPin-3, STX = DPin-4

void setup()
   //put your other codes

void loop()
    //put your codes