Beginner question on Individually Addressible LED strips.

So I decided the other day to start to get my feet wet in the world of individually addressible LED strips. However I guess I didn’t quite know enough to get everything compatible, and may have bought a couple wrong things.

Heres what I bought…
A 5 meter strip of “Dream Color” LED’s with IR controller.

And also this RF controller (since it seems like it has more programs than the IR one, had seen it in some youtube videos)

The problems I’m having are…

  1. Apparently these “Dream Color” Led’s that i thought were individually addressible, really appear to only be addressible in groups of 3’s.
  2. The RF controller doesn’t seem to work with this strip, or at least has different connectors. The led strip uses a 10 pin connection, whereas this rf controller seems to have a 4 pin output.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to make them work together, or else what type of individually addressible led’s should I shop for to work with that RF controller, and also in the future, work with arduino if I want more advanced functinality than the controller provides?


I may eventually integrate arduino, but right now I just want a good controller with tons of functions.