Beginner question on pins

So I am reading a schematic that has 5 pins VCC, GND, DIN, CLK, CS, but the version of Matrix I have only has 4, VSS, GND, SDA, SCL. Is there a way to convert them to a 5 pin, or an easier way all together? i am working on an LED mask for reference on a Adafruit Uno and Adafruit Led Matrix Backpack. i am very new to this and any help would be nice. also, how would i set this up on my uno, would i use analog or digital pins?

It's totally okey to be new here. But..
Please read the first topic telling how to get the best from this forum.
Every helper likes solving technical question but I dare to say that no helper likes to help You write Your question.

You are "home blind" but no helper knows what You have in front of You. Check that introductional topic!

For example:

What schematic? ...

I can at least tell you that if it's an Adafruit product, all the documentation you need is on their web site.

The 5 pin is like an SPI device. It can be interfaced with the SPI library or "bit banged" SPI.

The other one, with SDA ans SCL, is an I2C device.

The 2 interface types are different. There are libraries to facilitate using the interfaces. For SPI there is the SPI library and for the other there is the Wire library.

Which, exact, backpack do you have? You will need to program for the interface that you have (we can surely help with that once we know what you have). There is no easy way to convert one to the other.

These apply to different interfaces. DIN, CLK and CS apply to the SPI interface, while SDA and SCL are used by I2C. Search for the document that applies to your module.

Yes, there is - in the sense that software is easily adapted to either, via the Adafruit GFX library. BTW no affiliation with Adafruit here.

Which protocol TBF can also be "bit banged", but it's way less fun.

Feel free to not ask me how I know. :expressionless:


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