BEGINNER QUESTION: Power 6V 32mA Fan from Arduino

Hi All,
I have been trying to find a solution for this for some time, but cannot find any direct or simple answers on the web. I have gotten a very expensive fan from a friend of mine and I wanted to include it in my first project, but do not want to break it. It’s a D241 Axial fan - 6V 32mA.

Is it possible to connect this fan to the Arduino and if yes, what parts should I buy to make it happen?

I will be running power from a USB wall charger (5V)
It will be an On/Off only no PWM needed.
Fan will be connected to a temp/hum sensor (that will trigger it on/off) (Specifically I have: SI7021)
I want the end result to run fully on rechargeable Li-Ion battery, but I am cool with it just wired for now.

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it, thanks!

You cannot run it directly from an Arduino output as you risk damaging the output pin.

What you need is a logic level gate mosfet. The gate needs to be fully on or the resistance of the drain/source is not at its least so causes heat. My favourite small mosfet is NTD5867NL. It works with 5v on the gate and handles a few amps with ease. They are cheap. I bought mine from RS Components. There are others but make sure they are fully on at 5v on the gate.

A normal transistor will have too high voltage drop when used on 5v.

You can use the Arduino 5v output. Make sure you put a reverse connected diode across the fan.