Beginner question regarding DC-motor driver


I recently decided to learn a little coding and arduino basics by just jumping right into it and doing what I find interesting at the moment. Google has helped alot and so far so good, but I just got a problem that google cant seem to help me with.

I've studied electronics in shcool and i know how an H-bridge works. It's when I try to code and do practical implimentations that I run into problems.

I bought a couple of DC-motors and drivers because I wanted to build a small remote controlled car.

This is the driver that I bought:

Its called Dual Channel L298N.

When I search the web for tutorials and guides for this sort of thing I only examples where people use this driver:

Its called L298N.

One of the differences between the drivers are that the one I bought does not have a seperate in-pin for PWM signals. Does that mean I cannot controll the speed with the driver I have? If not, how do I controll speed with the driver that I bought?

Thank you!

Almost certainly the driver you have is better than the L298 which is old technology. But you need to post a link to the datasheet for your driver so we know exactly what you have.

There should be no problem using PWM with your driver. Apply it to IN1 for forward and to IN2 for reverse. In each case have the other pin LOW. (And, of course I may have the directions wrong depending on how you connect your motor)


Okay! Thats what I was hoping for.

The problem is that I havent been able to find the data sheet for the one I bought, the dual chanel one. The only data sheet I could find was for the only 'older version'. But I will give it another try!

Just out of curiosity, in what way does the technology of the two versions differ?

The new device almost certainly uses MOSFETs which are much more efficient (have lower ON resistance) than the older transistor technology in the L298 - that's why the L298 has the huge heatsink.