Beginner Robot Kit Project, terrible instructions, help please?

I recently purchase the Kookye robot tank kit from amazon for my son and I to learn arduino/robotics this summer. We have the chassis assembled, the components mounted and wired, and I have uploaded the servo adjust code and completed that.

We are now on the test phase (step V) on this tutorial: Arduino Tank Car Kit Lesson 2: Install tank car control board –

The instructions have been extremely vague so far, and with diagrams instead of pictures. So far none of this has bothered me until we get to the previously mentioned step 5 where we run into this:

(note: I edited in some carriage returns as there was no word wrap)

Connect Arduino from PC, put 2 fully-charged 18650 battery into battery pox(check the box
 instruction and make sure polar direction is correct). Open the power switch in the box and open 
arduino IDE, set the buat rate as 9600. You will find the information as follows:

welcome to use kookye tank robot car…
send :line follow sensor
send :turn on LED
send :turn off LED
send : test servo
send : test HC-SR04
send : test buzzer
send : test robot go ahead
send : test robot go back
send : test robot stop

I was originally thinking that "Connect Arduino from PC" meant to disconnect my raspberry pi (instead of pc, the provided cable was too short to use my wall-mounted pc) from the arduino. I am new to arduino and a lot of this diy stuff, so I next assumed that "open arduino IDE, set the buat rate as 9600" meant we were going to get an automatic wifi or IR or bluetooth connection and prompt me for the baud, but then it tells me I should be reading a welcome message? where? in the IDE? why? what step changed it from the last sketch i was working on to some prompt that's allowing me to send commands to the arduino? where was I supposed to set the baud? what is going on in these directions? I'm completely lost can somebody fill in the missing blanks for me here?

I greatly appreciate any help and thank you in advance.

The Arduino IDE has a Serial Monitor. Tools ---> Serial Monitor
I am guessing that the sketch aka code is written such that it takes commands from the Serial Monitor.
The commands are line follow sensor etc.


thanks much!