Beginner till advace

Hello Guys
which you advice me to buy to learn in it from beginning till advance using
i talking about arduino board :smiley:

Here is one suggestion:

Take a look at this starter kit There are many others from companies all over the world.


thanks guys

thanks guys

Really, shop around! Shopping will be a skill you also need to develop.

Perhaps you don't want a kit at all. If you look through the Tutorials there is not so many parts you need to start out with if you choose with some care.

From there you may decide different directions that no simple kit will cover.

In the Bar Sport part of the forum is a thread about what people are buying. Name of many outlets and beaucoup links are there:,91399.0.html
That thread keeps getting archived and restarted, the link is just "the top of the heap".

Also in the Community section is the Products and Services section.

There have been threads on where to buy with much discussion of pros and cons.

You want advanced then take electronics courses. If you are an adult then see about night school and get credit or certificate useful on your resume. That will get you started on advanced.

thanks alot