beginner to arduino

Hey guys first time posting here. Hopefully im in the correct spot! I have a large fish tank that I would like to program an arduino to for weekly automatic water changes. It's been years since ive programmed anything, and could use some one on one help if at all possible if i could email back and forth someone that would be willing to help. That would be amazing. Thanks ~Justin

The point of the forum is to keep the content here so that it may help others. Generally, you make an attempt to develop your system and post your intent and code and wiring and forum folks will help you to get it working.

If you really want an individual to assist on your project, ask the moderators to move your request to gigs & collaboration but be prepared to pay for such assistance.

Try searching the forums too, there have been many threads on aquarium controllers.

Finally, be very careful. Bugs in your software have the potential to flood your home and kill your fish. Recovering gracefully from power outages will be a consideration too.