Beginner user needing urgent help with project.

Hi everyone,

Thanks in advance for reading this and potentially helping me with my situation. Let me first say, before I discuss my problem. that arduino is like rocket science to me. I know very very little about arduino and processing. With that in mind, the way I describe things probably isn't using the correct language, nor will I probably understand any replies in arduino talk. Ha. So I'm afraid you will have to take things slow :slight_smile: Our uni tutors basically gave us a day workshop on this huge topic of arduino and as a result - I know little. Ridiculous I know....

Ok lets begin. My project involves tracking someone's heartbeat whilst they watch a series of movie clips that is supposed to vary their heartbeat. I bought a heartbeat sensor - this one:

I've set up the pulse sensor into an arduino uno board, and currently have what seems to be my heartbeat blinking in time with the 13 Pin LED? on the Arduino Board.

What I want is to have a simple graphic in processing aswell - like a heart for instance, that flashes in time with the heartbeat.

It must sound so simple to you guys but to me I'm just at a loss and am desperate to get just a simple processing graphic going with this.

The code and any info you need is on that link above. I'd appreciate it so much if someone could take some time out and have a tinker around with it, maybe save the code and pass it over for me to try Just anything really. This is for a uni end of year deadline in 2 weeks so it's quite important :confused:

Thanks again.

Best bet is if you down load processing and do some tutorials, or at least look at the bundled examples especially those concerned with graphics.
Then for talking to the arduino see:-
Good luck.