beginner ?with stepper motor driver (Allegro 2916)

Hello everyone,
Just bought a mega board. Not an expert with electronics.

Trying to control a bipolar stepper motor scavenged from an old printer. Got an allegro 2916 dual full-bridge pwm motor driver.

Can someone pls help me with how to use this driver. I read thru the data sheet. There are 3 input for each bridge. Two for current level and one for current direction.

I guess this driver is different from L293 , L298 and can I use the stepper example sketch included in the arduino environment?


have u seen this:


Yes I see the data file. Trying to understand how to connect.

Let me know if my understanding is correct. Just the phase inputs are enough for a simple stepper control. If i leave the current level pins disconnected then the motor should run at 100% level.

Also If i dont want current sensing can I connect the current sensing pins (3,4,22,23) to ground without the current sensing resistor?

i dont know...

i cannot c the picture that u want to show...
can u show us a schematic of ur planned circuit?

while u r not sure, if u connected everything right, u should limit the current to 100mA somehow...


here is the schematic. Will this work with just two output from the aurdino board and using the example stepper sketch.

No you can't leave out the current sensing resistors because there is no way for the current to flow out of the switches. You need the parts you have crossed out.
Why don't you want to use current sensing?