Beginner's guide to the TSL230R and the Arduino

Hi all, after spending some time wrangling with the TSL230R, learning its ins and outs, and finally making a functioning photographic light meter out of it (along with an arduino, of course! =) – I decided to write up a tutorial that sure would’ve helped me a lot a couple of weeks ago ;D

Anyhow, here’s my little guide on getting started with the TSL230R:

It covers reading the measurements of the device, converting them into radiant energy measurements, changing sensitivity, scaling the output, and finally a simple conversion into perceived light (lux).

I’ll work on getting the next one up soon, which will cover more complex calculations, getting all the way to the point of being able to calculate photographic exposure from it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


just saw the tuts. Awesome work, might build one for a back up lightmeter! I gotta find a good LCD that I could integrate with this and maybe make an enclosed project. Great job !