beginners projects

hey guys i have had my arduino for about a week and would now like to do some different projects. i did all the ones that came with the starters kit fine but i don’t really have any ideas on what else to do. i don’t really have any programming background so some retty easy stuff to get started on would be good. i bought the starter kit from oomlout, so any projects that you guys can think of that doesn’t require too much else other than what is in the kit would be really really good.



See here:

hey thanks for the really quick reply.
i have had a look at that section and tried a few of them, i really need to get some more kit, such a shame that it costs money :slight_smile:

Also, take a look at these, they’re AWESOME, they explain everything about the code it uses in it’s examples. Click the picture to get started! I suggest you save it to your hard drive. It’s about 10MB, so it will take a few minutes to load the first time.
Also at the bottom of this link, there are 3 more links for good tutorials from Ladyada, and Tom Igoe.

Best of luck and let us know how everything goes!:slight_smile:

hey thanks for the reply i will be sure to check out that site. on a slightly different note: does anyone know why i can’t connect to the arduino site directly? it says that it can’t find the site unless i go through a proxy. it is very odd because a few days ago it was fine

anyone have any ideas?