Beginner's Question: C or Aduino language

I'm a beginner and I was asking myself about tha language that I shoul learn to program Arduino Board.
I read that arduino language is based on C.
But in your opinion, what I should start with? :roll_eyes:

Yes, it is based on C/C++, but cannot be said Arduino is "language". It is simply C and bunch of libraries.
EDIT: Forgot to mention: It is for beginners (also), so in my opinion any of boards is suitable. Probably most used is Arduino UNO.

@outsider: thanks for the kind words about my book. I was wondering why my book sales were such that I couldn't even let my wife Supersize her meal. I'm not blaming you or anyone else as there are literally hundreds of illegal download sites available.

How 'bout this as a compromise: If you find the book useful, then buy a copy after you've read it. You'll find that learning a language requires you to refer back to it, especially in the beginning and, personally, I like to have printed copies of books rather than eBooks...but that's just me.

Anyway, given the book a try and see if it helps you.

Thank you very much. All of you ..