Beginners question: How to connect a relay to the Arduino


I want to control a 15v motor with the Arduino mega. And i want to use a relay. But i know nothing about relays.

The relay i found is this one: Its a Solid-state relais (LH1540-AT DIP6) it says that its a Opto-isolator SSR.

And i want to know can i control this with the Arduino and do i need any extra components?

Thanks in advance

You need to know how much current your motor takes. The stall current would be best. That SSR can only handle 150mA which in terms of motors is not very much.

I generally use the setup described here: It's pretty straight forward; all you need is an extra transistor and diode. And with an IRF520 as transistor you can control loads that use up to 9A :)