Beginning with Android + Arduino: some guidance required

Hello everyone,

I would like to start with Android + Arduino sort of development, I have experience with iOS development and web technologies but not that much with Android. For this reason I have some questions:

  1. best approach? Arduino UNO + Bluetooth Shield OR Arduino ADK
  2. Programming languages (Android Side - Could I use Python SL4A for Android development, or do I need to learn Java in order to make my own modifications)
  3. For simple projects apart from the Arduino UNO + Bluetooth Shield OR the Arduino ADK and everything that comes in the official Arduino Starter Kit do you guys think i might need some extra materials in that case which are the applications.
  4. Do you recommend any kind of tutorial or guide?

Thank You,


PS: Does anyone know any distributor in Washington DC that sells the Bluetooth Shield and the Arduino ADK