Beitian BN-220 - GPS Data to Arduino

Has anyone experiences with the GPS Beitian BN-220?
I would like to evaluate GPS data with the Arduino Uno 3...
Unfortunately, I only find tuturioals for drones and the program Betaflight.

I get in the serial monitor of the arduino IDE no connection.

Maybe someone is willing to help a layman!

Thanks :smile:

GPS modules are very similar - they all spit out the same sentences, but it sounds like you have a connectivity issue with a TinyGPS example.

One cause of this is having the serial RX/TX wires the wrong way round.

Hi I have not used that GPS, sorry.
But I have used the NEO modules, and I noted that I could not get a proper GPS signal without a ground plane. Anything metal will do, but I used a 2" x 2" piece of sheet steel and attached the GPS antenna to that (with the antenna ground touching). That make it work.
Also, try your module with line of sight to the sky. Sounds daft but it makes a difference.

With NEO I use these two libraries (but you can use whatever): <TinyGPS++.h> and <softwareSerial.h>

Connect GPS using softwareSerial.h

For some tips on how to sort problems with GPSs see the link below;

Indeed, it was an issue with the connecitvity.
Now, I get the signals to the serial monitor.

May I ask how do you store the data and how do you process with it?
The output to the serial monitor works satisfying.

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