belt with DC motor or Stepper motor


I'm working with my team to make a belt that goes from one side of our lap to the other side. This belt will carry a tool box. By controlling the motor by a button, we want to move this box to the other side. We're still trying to figure out which motor should we use. The distance will be 10 ft. We also want to use another arduion that's hanging over the box to move it up and down (like a yoyo system). We have circuits for the motors, but we're having a problem with the connections and coding.

Can anyone help us?

How heavy is the toolbox? Is it on wheels? That's going to impact the size of the motors needed, and the controller for them.

the weight is not available yet, but its gonna be a small box that carries a phone at least. Its not on wheels.

Sounds like an assignment to me.
Assuming you mean lab and not lap then get the mechanics going first, that is going to take you time. After that retrofitting the Arduino control is the easy part.

Hi, Literally an X-Y problem.

Tom.... :) (I echo Grumy_Mike, lap= lab)

A windscreen wiper from a crashed car makes a cheap, powerful and slow moving drive unit.


TomGeorge: Literally an X-Y problem.

Actually, I think it's X-Z. (He want's up down motion.) :grin: Anyway, DC is easy and cheap to buy and to control. If you don't need high accuracy at the end stops, it's the way to go. Steppers are loud and expensive. They also require expensive drivers. Do you need the precision they provide? If your box is not on wheels, what is it on? Is it dragged on the floor? What kind of floor? Is it hanging on a wire? What wire? You say "box that carries a phone at least". And what about the other extreme? A male African elephant?

If it's only 10 feet of travel, why don't you just hand over the phone?