Besoin d'aide pour mon projet

Hello everyone,

It’s been since the beginning of the year that I have some problems in my project because of the program, so I come to ask for your help.
I must be able to read a voltage while sending it automatically to a client connected to the card. I use a nano card with a esp8266.
Thank you for your future help.
Here is my code :

P14_TCPServer_fonc.ino (2.86 KB)

More people will see your code if you post according to the guidelines in the how to use this forum sticky. Some members will not download code and others are on devices that can't open an ino file.

If you edit your title to be in English, more people will look at your post, too.

Here is my code :

The code does something. You forgot to tell us what it actually does.

You expect the code to do something, but you failed to tell us how what it actually does differs from what you want.

Thank you for your future help.

Given what you have posted so far, that seems unlikely.