best 10+ pwm chip?


I am looking to control 10+ devices via i2c and pwm. I have found pca9685 which seems to fit the bill.

My question is, is there an alternative that will work with a breadboard/hole through. As I want to experiment with my own PCB but don’t want to look at surface mounting or using one of the available breakout boards.

How about SX1509?

Thanks, but I just want the chip with pins not a breakout board.

Dont know of any chips that would do what you want in through-hole. All the good stuff is SMD only now - TH versions are usually only available for old parts released back when people still designed new products with TH.

Tbh, once you learn to drag solder, an SOIC package solders faster than equiv DIP, so the nuisance is just getting the proper breakout board (if not designing your own)

Thanks - it seems to be the case...

As this is the first time I am getting a pcb printed I wanted to be 100% sure all the parts work with physical wires on a breadboard before finalising the PCB as it will be expensive to keep iterating...

A stencil for surface mount seems totally doable if you are sure on the design

Why not get a PCB breakout board? You just solder the chip directly to it. That way you can get it right without committing to doing a full PCB layout.