Best 3D visualization processing software

Dear All,

I would like to know which, from your experience, is the easiest to use and perhaps free of charge visualization software that also enables the creation of 3D models?

My idea is to measure certain parameters of an assembly (vibrations with an accelerometer or acoustic-emission sensor), driven by a step motor, analytically process them and visually present them in a 3D virtual model of the assembly. For example, if the measurements would indicate that something is wrong with the motor's shaft, the shaft would be highlighted within the software (for ex. change the color).

I read a lot of a software called Processing, but are there any other solutions that any of you guys would recommend for direct Arduino or Raspberry Pi results interpretation? Maybe with the option of connectivity to a 3D modeling software (like SolidWorks) via a neutral format (.step, .iges)?

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I doubt if that visualization software will run on an Arduino so it seems strange to be asking about it here.


Arduino doesn't have the power to do graphics processing unless your using something like yun and let the linux side do the processing and use the avr for input/output. Still its a nice idea