Best 433Mhz receiver?

Hi all,

I am working on my garage door.
I finished the motor stuff, but now I am stuck at my remote control.
I thought this was going to be easy. NOT.

This was my idea:
I bought these: 433Mhz Remote Key

and I wanted it to work with this: click

And it worked! But only on a really small range.

Than I tried this antenna:

(I connected my antenna pin with a 17cm rod, and my ground pin with a 17 cm rod)

And the range increased! To 10m... Still not enough.

I want AT LEAST 50m of range.

Does somebody have some tips for me please?
Or good sites where I can learn about all this remote stuff?
Because I am out of options...

Thanks in advance!

Use a more sensitive superheterodyne 433 MHz receiver, and a balanced dipole on it too.

The transmit and receive dipole antennas need to be roughly parallel for maximum range.

Beware that many of the cheap ebay receivers are advertised to be superhet but are not. They must have a crystal on the board.

Finally, you can increase the transmit power by using the highest possible voltage on the transmitter (often 12V). What battery does the keyfob use?