Best (American) Online Store to buy Servos?

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a few servo from HobbyKing cause they were the only place I could find what I was looking for.

Problem is, they are far (Hong Kong) and the shipping is taking forever.

All 4 hobby stores in my area have no servos or weak servos. Most online stores just care the 9 gram servos but I wanted something stronger).

Do you guys know of a good online store (based in the US) that sell a range of servos?

I've bought the below servos and they were shipped from La Puente, CA via USPS.

By far the radio control hobby is the biggest market and supplier of servos. Try out some the sponsor vendors listed here:


Just ordered from (actually before zoomkat's post)

Seems like a great place and close to me. Wish I had found out about it sooner

I'd suggest if your still looking around.