Best Antenna Position?

What is the best way to position the antenna that comes with the 1500? Is omni directional? I couldn't find a data sheet or any material associated with it.


It depends on what you got with your board. I have purchased boards that come with an antenna, and others that didn't ship with an antenna (different suppliers). The one that I have has no identifying marks, but is clearly an omni-directional antenna.

The other factor to consider is the polarity of the network. If I move my antenna from a horizontal position to a vertical position the RSSI improves by about 10 dBm, and is the difference between a system that fails and never recovers, to one that doesn't fail.

I ordered from the official arduino store. You can see the antenna in the picture.

It doesn't appear to be omni directional. It has sticky back tape on the back and I want to mount it, but I'm not sure the best way to stick it. Unfortunately I can't go onsite to test it.




Here is the same antenna LTE-antenna — ImgBB

From Wikipedia:
The most commonly used is the center-fed half-wave dipole which is just under a half-wavelength long. The radiation pattern of the half-wave dipole is maximum perpendicular to the conductor, falling to zero in the axial direction, thus implementing an omnidirectional antenna if installed vertically, or (more commonly) a weakly directional antenna if horizontal.

Install it vertically (your second schematic).

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