Best approach for tracking a flashlight?

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I hope this is the right category for my question… I’m wondering which approach I could use to track the movement of a flashlight in darkness (direction, speed, and maybe more complicated outputs like current position on a matrix), and ideally its color as well.

Is there a commercially available sensor that can do this? Or should I use an entirely different approach such as Kinect etc.?

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The Pixy camera can track colored blobs or lights, is inexpensive and works with any Arduino.

Thank you, I didn’t know the pixie 2 so this is useful information.

Is there any kind of sensor/array of sensors that could also do the trick?

Something like this: Adafruit APDS9960 Proximity, Light, RGB, and Gesture Sensor [STEMMA QT / Qwiic] : ID 3595 : $7.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

I use 4 Photodiodes to track the sun.

Can you give more details how that works?

I need to measure direction, position and speed.

Try searching on the words “Arduino solar tracker” and instead of using photo resistors, use photo diodes.

How fast it works? In the morning the servos zip the solar panel pointed to the sun in moments.

There are color sensor modules as well.

Thanks for getting back! I think I found a solution using color sensors.

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