Best approach to short-distance remote sensing


I'm interested in positioning temperature sensors (DS18B20) in various places in and around my house, with an Arduino reading them, and dumping the data out to a computer over the USB port (via Serial.print()). Rather than have wires running everywhere, what are my options for having each sensor transmit it's data to the "main" Arduino, which receives them, and delivers them to the computer?

It seems like XBee setup would be perfect: each remote sensor would be a mini Arduino with an XBee sending data to the main Arduino, which also has an XBee on it. What I'm confused about is if XBee's communicate using the serial I/O on the Arduino, how do I get the data to the computer (which is also using serial I/O)?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,


Although I am having terrible issues with my pair of xbee's, i can tell you this much - yes the xbee's send info using serial... what you can do is have a network of xbee's set up to send the info to a central xbee which then reads the data and parces it into the pc (this, so i have heard, can be done with or without an arduino).

the point is, basically, you are on the right track, although I am not sure of the specifics on how to set this "system" up

The DS18B20 uses a single bi-directional line for communication (hence the "1Wire" name :)), so I'm not sure whether it's feasible to interface it directly to an Xbee.

If you want cheap CPU power at the remote end, the RBBB is nice, and Arduino-compatible.

To communicate with the PC and Xbees simultaneously, you can use the SoftwareSerial library to add a "software UART" to the "central" Arduino.