Best Arduino Board for a Project


I have a sketch running on an Arduino clone (Seeeduino Cloud) with following specs:

Clock Speed 400MHz
Flash 16MB
OS OpenWrt
Interfaces 2 x RJ45, 1 x USB Host, 1 x UART, 14 multiplex GPIOs
Power 3.3V Power Input
WiFi Support 150M 2.4Ghz WiFi, 802.11 b/g/n

The sketch runs fine, the only issue is the board can only be powered by USB. I want the sketch to run apart from my computer in the field, so I need a similar board that can be powered by power adapter (not power over ethernet). It also needs WiFI capability. What Arduino board would best fit this profile?



that board has 2 "Grove connectors" for external power

You can also power it through the USB connector using a USB charger or a USB battery pack.

Yes, it can be powered though USB, so I guess I could use a USB wall charger. A battery pack would not last long enough in the field.

Are there any Arduino boards that meet these specifications with a traditional power outlet?

I tried using an Arduino Yun Rev2 but ran into memory limitations even with a SD card. Arduino Uno WiFi has the power outlet I am looking for but does not have an admin panel for WiFi connectivity. You need to do custom programming just to use the WiFi capabilities.



Like it or not, USB micro has become the most common power outlet.