Best Arduino for Domotics

Dear all: I'm a beginner, and I want to know which Arduino is the best to be applied to Domotics applications. Thanks in advance for your quick reply. Regards

OK, DOMOTICS: AKA "Home Automation".

A main consideration is you will have LOTS of Input and Output devices. That can get very messy and have problems with intermittent connections. I suggest you use some approach that has secure 3-pin connections for every I/O .

See the information on "Sensor Shields" HERE: (You use those connections for OUTputs as well as sensors)...

If you are going to have dozens of I/o connections and complex software, start with the Arduino MEGA.

Here's a photo of my Mega with a Sensor Shield on top:

And after connecting to terminal strips where the external cables will connect:

...Just some suggestions...

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mega 2560 without any hesitation

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Have you looked into how you want to connect the arduino(s) to the network?

There is not a single answer to your question, the different arduinos have pros/cons depending on what you are using them for. If you need several arduinos areound the house it would make no sense to have 10 megas if some of them only has 1 or 2 sensors connected.

My struggle with home automation and arduino is the wireless connection.
For sensors-only nodes you should look in to the ESP8266 (i use nodemcu v1) with ESPeasy firmware.

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for rf communication, i’ve been dealing with nrf24l01 with pro-mini, they are cheap and they work great. for the network-wifi part, i’ve been using W5100 shield along with the Mega

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