Best battery solution for Nano Every / 33 BLE

I'm planing a battery powered device that should run standalone for couple of days.
The device has just a couple of LEDs as actuators, nothing fancy.

Can you recommend me a good battery solution for the Nano Every or 33 BLE that allows me to recharge the device about 2 to 3 times a week?

I guess it should provide something between 7 and 21v, as the Vin supports only this voltages and I want to use the in-built power regulator.


let say your nano needs 50mA, LEDs 25mA each, 100MA in total. 100*48h = 4800mAH (4.8AH). You can find a battery 12V 7.2AH for around 25 euros. 3 days in theory, but finee if you recharge 3 times a week.

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Depending on what you are doing there may well be better low power options .
Different board , run Leds at lower current, sleep processor etc etc .

What does your project do ? Leds on all the time ?

I would do a bit of research into low power options

Eg Here

Also, consider throwing in a solar panel for batt. recharge.