Best bluetooth and gyroscope Arduino light config

Hello everyone !

I'm new in this forum and new with using Arduino. I am currently a multimedia developer and we (a designer and I) wish to have a connected device to perform which seems something not that hard :

  • A bluetooth connection with a computer ;
  • Thus a battery as it is wireless ;
  • A gyroscope inside sending orientation and strike* information
  • Eventually an accelerator for strike* sensitivity.
    *as we wish to notify when the box (containing the Arduino) is struck.

I have no experience with Arduino neither circuit board but I have some friends playing with it and having some knowledge.

I need your help to find the best configuration of Arduino components to realize this project.
I've already read that topic : Arduino + Accelerometer + Gyro + Bluetooth - Project Guidance - Arduino Forum
... however I didn't find a good enough answer inside.

And as it is a school project, we don't want it to be too much expensive. We are ready to pay around 100€ (~$135 US) max, if possible.

Thanks in advance for your reply. :slight_smile: