Best Bluetooth solution for Arduino Leonardo

Hi everyone, I am about to start a new project and would like my laptop, a MacBookPro, to be able to talk to two Arduino leonardos within 5mts range. Can anyone recommend a good Bluettooth module/shield to buy? Many thanks Best Faeve

Adafruit's EZ Blue

This is another version: Funny: MAX PER CUSTOMER: 3 yet quantity pricing shown:

| QTY | DISCOUNT | | - | - | | 1-9 | $24.95 | | 10-99 | $22.46 | | 100+ | $19.96 |

Why not a very basic HC05 or HC06? - not sure what the difference is.


Thank you both! I ended up buying the Bluefruit from Adafruit and since it takes a bit to have it here (UK) from NY, I also bought a simpler HC06. Apparently the difference between HC06 and HC05, quoting from Simon who purchased this on Amazon "the differences being master mode on bluetooth and the API". It looks like it might be a bit flaky at high Baud rates, I will send an update when it arrives. This would also contribute to explain the difference in price between the Adafruit one and this other model.