Best Board to Actuate Stepper Motor Driver

Hi everyone,

I am looking to send signals to a stepper motor drive, which in turn moves a stepper motor. The motor is intended to actuate a linear drive up and down between two known positions repeatedly. The driver requires a +5 volt square wave for motion, and it requires a steady +5 V signal or steady 0 V signal at a different port to determine clockwise or counterclockwise direction of that motion.

I am wondering the quickest and easiest way to purchase and arduino and program it accordingly. As someone new to arduino's, I would greatly appreciate your input and help. Thanks so much.

If the stepper motor driver board just needs step and direction signals then any Arduino can supply them.

If you want more information you will need to provide a link to the specifications for the stepper driver board. I presume you are satisfied that the driver board and the motor are suitable for each other.

There are dozens of Threads here about Arduinos driving stepper motors - read them.