"Best" Breadboard size Arduino clone?

as for a small side application i looked for an Arduino which is attachable to a breadboard more easily than the original form factor ones. iDuino, RBBB and so on are some of which i found.

I would like to hear your opinions which you prefer here - for me its just quite important that i can use a 7.5 or 9v VIN and have either a real RS232 or better an USB interface.

I personally like the RBBB, cause I found it before I found the iDuino and I like paul (the guy who runs it). It would be cheaper for me to go Fundemental Logic’s way (its located locally → Toronto, Canada), but the guy who runs it never answered any of my questions when I emailed him (which sux for him cause I was about to put in a big order)

Do you have an FTDI cable or a arduino programmer? If so you might be better off with the RBBB.

The iDuino has a USB jack on board. However, if you want to serve external power, you are going to need to make your own decoupling circuit.

It really depends on your needs. I really like the DuinoStamp actually, especially since I have an FTDI cable and almost always need external power. However, since the service with the guy ain’t great, I might be better off creating myself a protoboard version.

THansk for your fast answer :0)

Well, i dont have a programmer or FTDI chip/card/whatever… so i would like to rely on an usb or serial interface.
And power would come from either a 7.5v battery or 9v one…

Then the iDuino is your best bet, just remember the decoupling circuit with regulator, cause the iDuino doesn’t have a regulator

Wanting USB eliminates most of the breadboard-compatible clones; they’re generally set up to use an external USB/Serial cable (and have only TTL Serial on the board. pretty much halves the chip cost; the USB chip and the AVR are about the same price.)
There is the iDuino from Fundamental Logic (already mentioned) and the “USB BoArduino” from Adafruit; they look pretty similar…

well, i looked into both. the iDuino looks quite right for me, yet at Fundamental Logic there is a minimum order amount of 5 pieces - at about 20$ each, so a no go. Wulfden has them as well, yet only as semi kit (i’m quite useless at soldering) and they have (imho) ridicolous high shipping costs (so the iDuino would be about 30$ for me)…
The BoArduino looks quite nice, although i went away from the idea of having such a thing to using a real Arduino (Freeduino? Seeduino? …) for the same cost and with the ability to have a 328p right away…well, i will look into the BoArduino tomorrow morning once more… but thanks for all your suggestions.

Ah. I hadn’t realized you were looking for a non-kit. The BoArduino is a kit, too (or the iDuino can be ordered in quantity less than 5, if you buy the kit; it looks like the 5 piece minimum is only for assembled boards.)
OTOH, I’m sure Adafruit can ship you a kit with a 328 in place of the 168; She was one of the first people to offer 328 “upgrade” chips.

I like the DuinoStamp the best :


It’s the smallest, barest, minimalist available but still has the ICSP pins available. I can use it to program chips (USBtiny programmer supplies power) as is or if mounted on my solderless breadboard I use separate USB or RS-232 converter modules to talk to the PC.


I think the Arduino Mini is the best.

Hm… i begfin to wonder if i should go with the RBBB… yet although i dislike doing solder work i think that might be a good alternative - especially since i have a atmel168 still here (after upgrading my duemilanove).
What would be more interestering is that i could access a plotter to make the pcd for me instead of buying it - is there some eagle file for the RBBB (there are osmond files, but i dont know of any conversion) or any other breaboard arduino?

You dislike soldering but are prepared to etch your own PCB? (and deal with the difficulties that a homemade PCB ADDS to soldering?!) For your first efforts, I think you should just buy a bare board or two. $2.75 shipped (although… Germany… Don’t know…)

I have a couple conversions of the RBBB (whose PCB design was released to the public domain!) done in EAGLE, including one that is almost single-sided (two jumpers to the programming connector), but they haven’t been tested.

The RBBB doesn’t have eagel files available. However, the Iduino and the DuinoStamp have eagle files:


westfw: I have acces to an pcb drilling machine (no idea what theyre called in english) - so making PCBs is not the problem. and normally shipping costs are high enough to make the choice between a kit from the usa or a fully assambled Arduino here a hard one as it turns out that is often quite the same price then (unfortunately)…
also, i simply dislike soldering, i can do it though… its just some quite hard work if youre a left handed person but need top work with the right hand in order to get the job done ;0)

darudude: Thanks again :0)

While I’m not aware of any bread-board style 'duinos with both USB and regulators, it’s sort of an either or right now. This said, you could add whichever feature to something lacking it.

Really, your choices are:

  • DC Boarduino w/ FTDI cable
  • RBBB w/ FTDI cable


  • iDuino w/ 7805 & input cap
  • USB Boarduino w/ 7805 & input cap

I know modern devices sells the RBBB assembled (looks like $21.00/ea). If you want a single assembled iDuino, PM me or send us an email, I have some overrun from the last production batch that could go as singles.

It would be cheaper for me to go Fundemental Logic’s way (its located locally → Toronto, Canada), but the guy who runs it never answered any of my questions when I emailed him (which sux for him cause I was about to put in a big order)

It’s too bad we’ve let you down, I know our track record isn’t perfect, but feel free to PM me and I should be able to sort anything out. We’re real people, we screw up, but we like to fix our mistakes too.