Best Components for Project

Hey Guys,

for an art-exhibtion I would like to biuld an illuminated arrow. It should run on an UNO, powered by an external power adapter (I think I have to) and be illuminated via LEDs. The arrow will not be higher than 40 cm, so we are talking about a small thing. Just that you know :)

So, has anyone dealt with it before and can share hers/his experience? I would like to switch between "pointing" in something, flashing all LEDs and dim them and quite dont know which hardware would be perfect.

Since I am not the best at the topic I would be happy about any suggestions and tips you can give to me. Also if you have a video to suggest or so :)

Have a great one, Enno

Hi, Enno! Welcome to the Arduino forum.

I think as an artist, you need to make some drawings of what you are thinking about. Put some circles on the arrow to represent the LEDs. Perhaps a couple of drawings showing the different things you want the LEDs to do.

Have you gone through any of the Arduino sample programs? Do you have the IDE downloaded and operational? If not, then you are way far going the wrong direction in your project. There is no point in specifying the components if you don't have a clue how they may work.


Search for “Beetlejuice arrow”. There was someone on the forum here a year or two ago that posted a lot of information on their project.

For me, the easiest way to do this is with Neopixels. The name “neopixel” actually covers a few different technologies but the basic idea is “addressable” LEDs that will light themselves up based on data that you send them. This means you don’t need to switch the power to the LEDs with the Arduino. The Arduino just sends commands. Wire up an appropriately-beefy power supply to the LEDs and you are in business.