Best data acquisition service for temperature readings

Hi all. I'm toying with the idea of logging some temperatures from around my house - I have used parchube some time ago and tried another that the name escapes me. I am now testing out thingspeak. What is the best one at the moment? I'm having some issues with thingspeak and strings so I'm keen to see what else is out there?

pachube keeps changing its name. It was cosm and is now Xively. What worked for Pachube works a lot better for xively, as they brought out better libraries along the way. I believe the basic principles are the same.

People got pissed off with Xively because they ditched the old forum, and started a new one with a bunch of pompous and arrogant goofballs.

There is also GroveStreams, but I have not actually used it.

I'm very much a newbie at this, but have been using ThingSpeak with success (after trying a few other services and finding they either didn't work for my needs, or would cost more money than I was willing to pay for my intended application).

ThingSpeak is fairly basic compared to some of the other services, but it works with a minimal amount of fuss, at least in my experience.

Not what you asked... sorry... but might be of interest.

Set up an Arduino webserver, which gives the readings to anyone who asks, in a page of HTML.

Within that, a computer-friendly line.

Then write a little program to access (automatically, period of your choice) the Arduino from a bigger computer, and record the data in a datafile for subsequent processing however you want to process it... or display the data as harvested.

The graph on the following page about the March solar eclipse arose from things drawing on the above scheme.

I've used Pachube. "Works", but I don't like that their free account only lets you access two months of history.

I agree with the previous response. My Arduino web server application at delivers online realtime and recorded climate and other statistics on its website pages. It also writes its data to SD card files every hour and I have eighteen months of data recorded already.

The problem is that all my data exists in thousands of hourly backup files and is very difficult to analyse. I need all the data in one SQL Server table so I can analyse it using SQL select statements and also in Excel using filters, pivot tables, etc.

I also have my application running as two instances at two different locations and I want to have all the data for both applications (and potentially many more) in one database application - preferably also a web server that delivers access worldwide under appropriate security controls.

I do have an extensive background with Delphi and SQL Server so I am now in the early stages of building the required application. Because my Arduino web servers will display their hourly backup files as plain text web pages I will download all my data from the two Arduino application's to my new Delphi SQL Server database web server application simply by iterating through all the hourly backup files using html requests from my Delphi applications to my two Arduino web server applications.

My key goal is to implement comprehensive web page text and graphic reporting across all my Arduino application instances in the new Delphi application and to move beyond the limitations of Arduino processors. Arduino is great for what it does - but for anything serious and comprehensive you need to integrate it with other mainstream technologies.

I hope these thoughts are helpfull to you.


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