Best Digital Photo Frame with wifi

I want to get one of those wifi enabled digital photo frames to tinker with. But I want a decent starting point can anyone vouch for any of them? Most of the reviews you see posted on them are bad are most of them junk or is there just that many people out there that cant figure out electronics.

I would imagine it depends on what you want to do with the frame. Some may be “junk”, and sometimes people don’t know what they are doing.

There is also the fact that any time you are hacking on commercial/consumer electronics, you are likely to be met with an array of confusing labels and whatnot on the inside of the device. Many times components and whatnot don’t have “standard” numbers, and are instead marked with “house numbers” that are cross-ref’d to the standard numbers at the factory. This obfuscates the devices so you (and potential reverse-engineers at competitors!) don’t know what you are dealing with to be able to make a knock off or somehow interface with it. You see these “house numbers” on everything from discrete components like transistors and the like, to larger assemblies.

Couple that with an (obvious) lack of communication ability with the manufacturer - you may find it easy to interface with or not; it all depends on the manufacturer of the device and how “open” or “cheap” they decide to be (“cheap” knockoffs sometimes use reference designs and don’t do the house-number remarking, because I would imagine that to cost extra from the supplier to offer such specialized numbered components). Most of the time, you will run into the obscurity of such closed systems.

The thing is to find a manufacturer of a device that isn’t as “close minded” about their electronic designs; the number of companies like this seem to ebb and flow over time, and depending on the industry and device, of course. Good luck with your search; I can’t offer more help than this, but I wanted to let you know what and why you might find what you are finding, unfortunately.

Not to show off butt ever thought of making one?
I’m currently waiting on the (finishing) frame of my self made DPF.

Do you have a old laptop lying around they are perfect for this purpuse especialy notebooks (size).

I have Ripped my 17" Wide screen laptop and installed a Nlite(ripped) XP.

plus installed a teamspeak3 server.
since al its is doing is showing pictures…

Don’t mind the ugly wooden frame will be replaced with a custum frame.
was just for installing purpuse since my kid wants to touch everyting :S Pfff Sometimes…
!( (1).jpg)
!( (2).jpg)
!( (3).jpg)

extreme low cost + Wifi builtin and can even hold all my music…
it’s showing picture’s trough the include windows picture viewer.

thats cool, what program runs your slideshow

it’s showing picture’s trough the include windows picture viewer.