Best display and lib for ESP32?

Hello i am using a ESP32 and i have a collection of displays and so far i have found the ugb2 library works well with a ssd1306, but that is just to small and lacks color. I also own a ST7735 128160 TFT display but i had to modify a library to get it to work based on someone else mods that worked for the most part, "the buffer mode only works on display sizes 2^n" not 128160, so i am just using it with out the buffer option.
The last person to mod the library based on Adafruits removed the display intR() function i had to manually adjust the margins as i had it slightly off by 2 px, but the rest worked, so i finally wrote a BMP function for the SPI which drew a 16*16 16-bit color BMP in 600 micro seconds compared to 24 milliseconds using drawPixel, so at least i have that display working fine now, but really i want to get my RA8875 working and while i am able to make minor adjustments to a library, i am unable to modify the entire RA8875 lib i can not even find half the functions. Has anyone got a large TFT color display working with a ESP32 yet such as the RA8875 ?

From the last part of your question, I’m not sure which library you might currently be using, but have you tried the Sumotoy/RA8875 library with the ESP32?

When you say “modify the entire lib”, can you clarify what alterations you are hoping to achieve with the library?

Most likely not the "Best display and lib for ESP32" for RA8875, but an example you can try.

Good luck!