Best drive sequence for max torque on bipolar stepper ?


I'm still a newbie at all of this, and I've been playing with the stepper.h library to drive my four-wire bipolar stepper motor. I'm not certain the built-in library is giving me the best sequence for max torque. I've spent the last few hours googling and watching videos and animations etc, but there is a lot of contradictory advice out there, and now I'm tired and confused !

If I have the motor wires as follows, what is the best way to sequence for max torque ?

(I'm using an L298 dual H-Bridge)

A A' B B'

Also... have I misunderstood... but... when you power one phase, say A gets 12V and A' gets Ground, then the coils on opposite sides (i.e. the A and A' coils) become magnetised in the same polarity... i.e. they both have their North poles facing the centre of the motor (or both South poles depending on the input voltage polarity), and when you switch the input polarity, i.e. A gets Ground and A' gets 12V, then the polarity switches in coils A and A' - and so does the magnetic polarity but they still have matching poles (N or S) [u][u]facing the centre of the motor[/u][/u] ??

Some animations have the poles switched - i.e. when the A coil has its N pole facing the centre of the motor, the A' coil has its S pole facing the centre. Which is correct ?

Many thanks !

You don't need to worry about how the poles are arranged, its not relevant, they are arranged correctly.

The best sequence for high torque is full-step drive, where both windings are always on. We'll call the windings A and B and each winding can either be active one way (+), off (0) or active the other direction (-).

You want something like

A+ B+ A- B+ A- B- A+ B-