Best Hardware to connect two arduino unos, wired 100 feet apart.

I need to connect two arduino unos with a wired connection . What hardware would be the best for this. I need to control two relays on each end and send three sensor values back from the other end. Displays on each end. LAN running thru a switch?

Thanks for any input.

Simple serial RS232; TTL might work too, depending on speed.

Current loop would work too.

Why not radio ?

A bit long for RS232, but well within specs for RS485.

If you want a web interface, use an ESP8255 instead of an UNO.

I'd likely use RS422/485 differential. Get yourself a couple of SN75179BDR (or equivalent) for full-duplex operation. Use some Cat5e cable (use twisted-pairs for each differential pair) and RJ45 jacks.

Use 2 ESP8266's, ESPNOW, and give the Uno to a 10 year old who is interested in making sparks or donate it to a local STEM program.

I need to connect two arduino unos with a wired connection .

One of the better reasons not to use wireless is the absence of power at the other end. In that event Power Over Ethernet might be an option.

And unless you have shields to match, the Nano is more practical, or the Pro Mini if you do not need to connect it to USB.

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