Best LCD for Arduino Micro using I2C that can display at least 6 lines of text?


Just looking for guidance on the best kind of LCD for my application.

I have a standard 20x4 set up and working but it just isn't quite big enough for what I want to do.

Basically I need something that will give me the equivalent of a 20x6 if that were to exist.

I'd like to be able to display text at about the same size font as on a 20x4, be able to show horizontal bar graphs, have at least 6 lines of display to play with and be able to talk to it via I2C.

I have seen some ks0108 128x64 LCDs but I'm a bit confused when I look at what libraries I need to run them and whether it is more complicated than a 20x4 and I'm not sure whether they are actually any bigger or just squeeze more pixels in to the same space so font will be smaller.

Any advice on tried and tested screens with solid library support that fit my needs?


If you already have a ks0108 display then you could use the openGLCD library. It allows you to create text areas which are like terminal windows. You can select the font for the area. Each text area does its own line wrapping and vertical scrolling so it works like a mini terminal. You can control the direction of vertical scrolling (up vs down). It is no more difficult to use for text than the LiquidCrystal library other than you have to initially define the text area and font.

The draw back is that it uses quite a few pins - around 13 - just to run the display.

--- bill

Oh and there are built in bar graph API functions in openGLCD as well. You can read more about it here:

--- bill