Best long range RF transmitter

I am working on a project to make tank readers measure the water level for multiple tanks over the farm with no wifi or cell phone reception. I thought that long-range RF transmitter would do the trick but I don't know the best one to choose. It will need a range of about 5 km and will be on land that has lots of hills. It will only be transmitting an int with a length of 6 numbers every 5 minutes.

What sort of RF transmitter would be best suited?

Assuming you are in the USA:

IMHO the way to go is the Adafruit Feather 32u4. it's cheaper than buying an RFM69HCW, it's barely more than the price of a NANO, and it is both. you need an Arduino at both ends, to program the RF module when you reboot.

search term: RFM69HCW LoRa

if you are a ham radio operator, you can use 433 mHz in the USA. if you are not, you can use the 915 mHz band, in the Feather board above.

Choose LoRa devices.

Your application has been implemented the World over using LoRa devices. Either point to point or using TTN\LoRaWAN with a Gateway.

LoRa devices will typically cover 10-30 times the distance of FSK radio modules such as RFM22, HC12 and RFM69.

Note that although Adafruit sell a RFM69 breakout board, its not LoRa of course, for that you would need their RFM9x breakout board.

But if you are a ham and use any of the amateur bands for your project, the FCC REQUIRES you to periodically send your call sign identification in a commonly used mode, voice or code.

Cool thanks

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