Best Menu Approach

Hi guys,

I need some advise.

Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I have a project on the go that Id also like to add a very simple menu on.

There is one variable that i would like to alter with buttons. (Ok, UP and Down)

The Variable is target_temp, which default is 70, but id like to allow this to be changed. To access the menu via up or down key and then alter value and then ok to save. It dont have to save and stay saved on reboot but must over write it.

I currently have a static updated default screen atm, showing other details, and the OK button is a start and stop. So accessing this menu can only be by up and down to avoid turning off

Iv tried to look into tutorials but i find my self getting lost, thanks for any help with best way to tackle this

Oh im using Adafruit to control my oled on this


So where’s your code?