Best method of connecting to two rows of PCB holes


I have an LCD with two rows of 8 holes on the PCB:

And I would like to be able to break the 16 pins (I know, the image above shows 14 but my one has a backlight) out to a breadboard (which I have) or some other thing (which I do not) so that I can attempt to interface to it with my arduino. Unfortunately, I'm not sure as to the 'best' or tidiest way to make the connection - normally I would just solder in those long pins and plug it directly into the breadboard, but the fact that there are two rows is a bit unfortunate!

I would be grateful for any advice :) Thanks!

I had the same problem... you inspired me to solve it this morning.

Took about 30 mins.

Thanks for the replies!

As I primarily want to plug it into a breadboard at this stage (no facilities for making my own PCBs.. yet!), I think I will go down the ribbon cable route. Thanks for the pictures, they will make the whole process very clear and straight forward :)

For years I have been using Surface Mount headers soldered to the tops of Machined Pin DIP sockets. This works really good for me.

oooo... I like that one... great idea!