Best method to connect SLA battery?

I have a 12V 12AH battery from Chrome Battery which comes with T2(F2) terminals. I'm not sure what the best option is to hook this up to other electronics though, being as soldering to the contacts might not be the best idea. I would think to use round lugs, but these terminals are PRETTY small hole wise.
Any ideas?

Can’t you find/use a mating non-insulated “quick-on”?

Or some similar adapters?

Alligator clips?

I would prefer something a little more secure than alligator clips, as this will be in a moving vehicle.
What I need is to find the female f2(or t2) connector that I can solder or crimp to a 12 gauge wire... any ideas where I could get that?

T2, F2 - they look like what's called a "quick-on" or "fast-on", there's a spade and the mating part with the sides kind of curled over.
I've seen them at the hardware store, two kinds, one has a shroud around the conductor and the other doesn't. They usually have the bigger contact type. Try good old Ace or Home Despot.

I've seen them at RadioShack, too, and they have both sizes.

Isn't what's in that lot essentially what's needed, what we're talking about here?

Compare sizes -

For 12AWG, you're looking for "blues" "yellows".

That's what I was looking for! Thanks!