Best, Most standard way to power servos through arduino?

I bought a 6v servo and when plugging it into my arduino it doesnt work and I know thats because its output is 5v. So what im asking is, whats the best, most standard way to power servos of all types through an arduino? ive looked around and havent found consistent answers so i thought id give this a shot. thank you!

Do NOT power any servo from an Arduino 5v pin - it cannot supply enough current and it will cause erratic behaviour of the Arduino, or may even damage it.

Give the servo a separate power supply with a common GND with the Arduino.


The Arduino talks to the signal+ground of the servo, the power source goes to the supply+ground
of the servo.

idk if im supposed to say thanks on this forum but thanks alot guys.

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One more question. Is the adafruit servo shield a good option for powering servos?

Not familiar with the Adafruit shield (I don't like shields), but I use a 5V, 2 Amp regulated wall wart with an adapter like this:

Get at least 2.

I use Adafruit’s 16-servo driver board and it seems to work okay. The biggest issue with Adafruit is that much of the time, their documentation is difficult to use, though their actual products are usually fine.