best motor shield for DC motors

I need to use four DC motors with Arduino, using a motor shield. What's the best one? I found some on Pololu but I am a bit confused: I don't see where to put it on an Arduino, and don't understand how to wire it to the DC motors. Also, I am Italian and need those shields quickly: Amazon would be the best choice. So... where can I find the best shields?
Thank you
P.S. the motors use between 6 and 9 volts. I need to use them with a 9v battery and I need to make the robot work with a smartphone through HC-05 bluetooth module.

motors are manufactured in a variety of types.
each different type requires a different driver.

each motor has power needs, so a driver needs to be selected by the motor.

APPLICATION : this is the root of your project.
are you just turning it on, like a fan, and letting it spin ?

are you driving wheels or some such that vary in speed ?

It would seem that you are defining BEST :

  • readily available
  • fast delivery
  • suitable for motors
  • no power consumption when not driving motors
  • low loss in the driver

as for the smartphone and batteries, that has little bearing on the driver.
you cannot get a driver to run off batteries if the motor will suck all the juice out of them in seconds.

A link to your motors would help.

An Adafruit works, but what's the best model?

An Adafruit works, but what's the best model?

Without seeing the datasheets for the motors you want to use how can anyone tell?

And what do you mean by "best"?


The best motor shield will be the one that is correctly designed and sized for the motors you are using. Since haven't told us anything useful about the motors that's as close as I can get.


I didn't find the exact datasheet. These are the motors.

The motors seem to be like these motors.

Tensione di funzionamento: 3 V ~ 6 V DC
Consigliato Tensione di funzionamento: circa 3 - 6 V DC
Corrente a vuoto: 70 mA (250ma max) (3 V)

Exactly, so what's the best shield?

Find out which shields are readily available in your locality, and/or your favourite online sellers.
Check which of those shields fulfill all your requirements: your motors need low current and low voltage so probably all will fulfill that requirement. You probably want them to run both ways in which case it's got to be an H-bridge type. Most motor shields are like that. Maybe you have other requirements such as number of motors controlled by the shield, the type of connectors they use for the motors, or even aesthetics.
Then pick the cheapest of those that you have shortlisted.
That'd qualify as "best" to me.