Best option currently for a long wireless link to a Pi?

I'm trying to set up a system to get the water temperature at the end of a pier, to a base station in a house nearby. Maybe 150 meters?

I was planning to use an Arduino connected to one of these thermometers:

And then send the data wirelessly to the base station in a boathouse near the end of the pier. Issues:

  • Because of tides and storm surges, the wire on the temperature probe would have to be about 30 feet long. The stock cord is 6 feet. Does anyone know if I can safely extend that?

  • for the wireless transmission, I've got a 950mhz Feather from another project. Can I use two of those for point-to-point communication? Or would something like a Zigbee be better? Here's the Feather I have:

  • the data is going to be read by a Raspberry Pi eventually. I can do that via an Arduino of course, but it would be nice if I could skip that and go directly into the Pi.

Incidentally, here's a live camera aimed at the pier:

The temperature probe would go at the end of it, since that's where the power lead is.

You might like to investigate HC-12 transceivers. I have no personal experience but there have been good comments in other Threads here.


Thanks for that, ordered!

A range of 1km is pretty amazing. I don't need that far for this project so hoping to get away with using the stock antenna.

Using the guide here: